VIC SOFA-Leather


VIC series is a fusion style with Chinese Ming Dynasty style, Scandinavian life style and Italian beauty.
Ming-style furniture is simple, well proportioned in dimension. The structure is crafted with neat lines, square and round shape to show its proportion, ergonomic design and practical functionality.
VIC series select delicate materials and fine workmanship to express Nordic life concept, which is return to the natural life. By embellishing a sense of Italian fashion aesthetics, VIC series will decorate your home with fusion fashion aesthetics from the orient and the west. It shows owner's delicate taste.
02) 180 (W) x 97 (D) x 78cm (H);03) 220 (W) x 97 (D) x 78cm (H)
Timber skeleton、Walnut、Leather
Vinson Chen
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